Our Mission

The Free Clinic of the Greater Menomonie Area provides access to primary health care and preventive health education for the people of Western Wisconsin who have no health care alternative or are under-insured.


Origin of the Free Clinic

In November, 2003, a group of people from Dunn County formed the “Dunn County Coalition to Provide Medical Care to the Uninsured.” The vision of this group to start a clinic to provide medical care for the uninsured and underinsured led to the creation of the Free Clinic of the Greater Menomonie Area. The Clinic incorporated in July, 2004 and was granted 501 (c)(3) status that October. With advice from the Chippewa Valley Free Clinic in Eau Claire and the effort of the initial board of directors, The Free Clinic opened its doors on March 1, 2005.


The Free Clinic is supported by the generosity of individuals and organizations of Dunn County and by a variety of grants. We provide free primary health care to low income, uninsured residents of Dunn and surrounding counties each Tuesday. We are able to do this through the efforts of almost 200 volunteers.

If you are visiting our website in order to locate medical care, to see what the Free Clinic is about or to donate, we welcome you.


The Free Clinic Staff and Volunteers

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Board of Directors

President: Nels Paulson, UW-Stout

Secretary: Andrea Nodolf, Dunn County District Attorney

Treasurer: Stacey Evans, UW-Madison

Medical Director: Steven Rosas, MD, Mayo Clinic Health System

Ellen Carlson, UW-Stout

Dr. Christine DeLanghe, Maple Ridge Dental

Kelli Dwyer, Menomonie Granite

Lynn Fekete, Community Member

MaryBeth Fitzgerald, Community Member

Morgan Hewitt, Mayo Clinic Health System

Steve Lindberg, Community Member

Christina Mayer, Dunn County Circuit Court Judge

Mark Winderfeldt, Olson Funeral Home


Kathy A., Patient

“I am writing to tell you what a positive experience I had at the Free Clinic in Menomonie. I had been in a motorcycle accident in Georgia. Both the driver’s and my auto insurance refused to pay for my bills, and my current job offers little help with medical expenses. My punctured lung, broken shoulder and ribs were examined and X-rayed and pneumonia was found! I was given needed supplies and advice in a very respectful and professional manner, all 3 times that I needed to return. I arrived at the recommended time and did not stand in line to wait, as patients were seen in a very efficient lottery type order. My services did take a few hours, but information was taken in confidential, efficient and organized manner from the many attending patients, and services were provided for all thsoe who needed them. I have had to return once since for an unrelated health issue, and was once again very impressed and satisfied with the Menomonie Free Clinic. Thank you to you and all the Drs and other staff for providing this important service to the community.”


Kathy M., MFC Lab Volunteer

“Free Clinic has been a great experience in a couple of ways. When working in Laboratory was my full time career, I was seldom greeted with smiles and “thank you’s” when walking into a room to draw someone’s blood! At the Free Clinic, it’s different – Besides being a great group of people, our patients are always so appreciative of our help and being there for them – it’s very rewarding.

I also like being able to use my “unique” skills to help others, especially now that my career has taken me elsewhere and few occasions arise for “blood drawing” skills. It’s great to be on the front lines and see what a difference all the volunteers make in the lives of these patients.

Of course it’s always my hope that the need for Free Clinic services will disappear because all patients have ready access to affordable health care – but until that happens, I feel blessed to be part of the great team that makes up the Free Clinic!”

Press Releases

Article: Free Clinic ensures help for those in need

Quotes from our patients:


“Thanks to the Free Clinic I can see a doctor and get the medicine I need to lead a healthier life, which also enables me to work on improving my life.”


“If it wasn’t for you, I would not be able to get my medication without insurance. Thank you so much!!!”


“A very friendly experience.”


“The Free Clinic is a life saver.  Working two minimum wage jobs with no insurance make life difficult.  Without the Free Clinic helping me with my blood pressure medication, I don’t know what I would do.  Thank you to all the staff at the Free Clinic”


“Everyone is always very professional and polite to you when you come in.”


“They help me get my meds that I can’t afford.  So glad they are here to  help us.”


“Without the assistance of the Free Clinic with medications, I most certainly would not be around for my grandchildren.”


“The Free Clinic is helpful to me because I would not be able to afford a doctor visit without it.”


“The Free Clinic has been a great help fo rme in getting the medications I need for my blood pressure. I have no insurance. The Free Clinic has been a blessing for me.”


“Nice to know there’s somewhere you can go when you need some help.”


“The Free Clinic has been a God send to me as far as addressing my medical needs. Keep up the good work!”


“The FC has helped me many times and other people I know. The staff is very caring and concerned for the health of everyone.”


“I would be in dire straits if it wasn’t for the generosity of the staff and donors of the Free Clinic. I have no insurance and the services they provide you cannot put a price tag on.”