Quotes from Patients

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Quotes from our patients:  

“Thanks to the Free Clinic I can see a doctor and get the medicine I need to lead a healthier life, which also enables me to work on improving my life.”


“The free clinic has been a great help for me in getting the medications I need for my blood pressure.  I have no insurance.  The Free Clinic has been a blessing for me.”

“Nice to know there’s somewhere you can go when you need some help.”


“ The Free Clinic has been a god send to me as far as addressing my medical needs.  Keep up the good work!”

“The FC has helped me many time and other people I know.  The staff is very caring and concerned for the health of everyone.”


“ I would be in dire straits if it wasn’t for the generosity of the staff and donors of the Free Clinic.  I have no insurance and the services they provide you cannot put a price tag on”

“If not for the Free Clinic I would likely be dead.  I have high blood pressure and no medical insurance.  There is no way I could afford the medications and the doctor visits”