Kathy M., MFC Lab Volunteer

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“Free Clinic has been a great experience in a couple of ways. When working in Laboratory was my full time career, I was seldom greeted with smiles and “thank you’ s” when walking into a room to draw someone’s blood! At the free clinic, its different – Besides being a great group of people, our patients are always so appreciative of our help and being there for them – it’s very rewarding.

I also like being able to use my “unique” skills to help others, especially now that my career has taking me elsewhere and few occasions arise for “blood drawing” skills. It’s great to be on the front lines and see what a difference all the volunteers make in the lives of these patients.

Of course it’s always my hope that the need for free clinic services will disappear because all patients have ready access to affordable health care – but until that happens, I feel blessed to be part of the great team that makes up the Free Clinic! Kathy M MFC Lab Volunteer”