Kathy A., Patient

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“I am writing to tell you what a positive experience I had at the Free Clinic in Menomonie.  I had been in a motorcycle accident in Georgia. Both the driver’s and my auto insurance refused to pay for my bills, and my current job offers little help with medical expenses.  My punctured lung, broken shoulder and ribs were examined and X rayed and pneumonia was found! I was given needed supplies and advice in a in a very respectful and professional manner, all 3 times that I needed to return.  I arrived at the recommended time and did not stand in line to wait, as patients were seen in a very efficient lottery type order.  My services did take a few hours, but information was taken in confidential, efficient and organized manner from the many attending patients, and services were provided for all those who needed them.  I have had to return once since for an unrelated health issue, and was once again was very impressed and satisfied with the Menomonie Free Clinic.  Thank you to you and all the Drs and other staff for providing this important service to the community.”

Kathy A.